HiPower Generator Sets

With a sprawling 515,000 sq ft HQ and manufacturing hub in Olathe, Kansas, HIPOWER SYSTEMS stands tall as a vertically integrated power generation leader. As part of the YANMAR Group, the company excels in crafting diesel and spark-ignited generator sets from 20 to 2000 kWe since 2002, achieving robust growth in the North American market.


HIPOWER is a leading provider of power generation equipment across industries. The company specializes in reliable, efficient solutions tailored to industry needs. HIPOWER has a commitment to innovation and quality across its offerings. 

Power Solutions

HIPOWER SYSTEMS manufactures and supplies a range of generators, including diesel-powered generators and natural gas generators. Their product line is perfect for both small-scale and industrial applications. 

The company also offers power distribution panels, transformers, and other accessories to efficiently manage and distribute electricity across different settings.

HiPower has a commitment to its customers to provide both innovation and quality. The company’s goal is to attain sustained growth by providing customers with high-performance solutions that meet the needs of customers. Moreover, HiPower’s team dedicates itself to continuous improvement. 

Company History

Established in 2002, HIGHPOWER SYSTEMS began a journey of robust growth in North America. HiPower’s mission is to excel as a team, embracing education, accountability, and technology to meet the market demand with reliable power solutions.

The company thrived throughout its expansion with a strategic network of dealers in the United States and Canada. HiPower credits these partners with their growth due to distribution, unparalleled expertise, and post-sale support. 

With a history rooted in meeting diverse industry demands, HiPower continues to evolve, catering to the ever-changing needs of businesses worldwide.