Gillette Generators

Gillette Generator Sets

Gillette Generators started in the early 1960s with the goal of producing top-quality generators. Over the past six decades, Gillette has become a diverse company that works in numerous industries, including commercial, industrial, oil and gas, military, telecommunications, and more. 

Gillette’s mission is grounded in its dedication to customers. The company strives to craft and deliver unparalleled products and services that surpass client expectations. For them, their commitment to excellence in service supersedes product value, ensuring satisfaction in every interaction. 

American-Made Generators

Gillette Generators operates three expansive plants covering 75,000 square feet each. Nestled in Elkhart, Indiana, an industrial campus setting in the heartland of American manufacturing, these facilities are the hub for our production and innovation.

Gillette offers a comprehensive range of diesel-powered generators and natural gas generators. Every generator has industry-leading components sourced from trusted brands, including Volve, John Deere, and more. These generators service an array of sectors, with standby and prime power solutions tailored to specific industry needs. Whether you require critical infrastructure in a wastewater facility or have the stringent demands of high-end residential complexes, Gillette provides dependable power sources. 

Company History

Gillette Generators began its legacy in the early 1960s. Five decades of relentless dedication to excellence propelled the company into a diverse powerhouse. From humble beginnings, it expanded to encompass three expansive 75,000 square feet plants in Elkhart, Indiana—the heartbeat of American manufacturing. 

Gillette’s commitment to quality birthed a product line spanning natural gas/LPG and diesel-powered generators, ranging from 6kW to 1000kW. These generators, boasting industry-leading components from prestigious brands like PSI, John Deere, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Marathon, and Stamford, cater to wastewater, commercial, industrial, military, and high-end residential markets, embodying reliability, performance, and a focus on customer service.