Caterpillar Generator Sets

Caterpillar, also known as CAT, is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy equipment, engines, and generator sets. Established in 1925, CAT has become a leading global provider of machinery for mining, construction, and numerous other industries. 

A Diverse Range of Products

Caterpillar produces diesel-electric locomotives used to transport goods and materials. The company offers reliable, efficient hauling capability. 

They are a leading provider of power generation equipment, producing a range of engines and generator sets. CAT manufactures diesel, natural gas, and marine and offshore generators at a wide range of outputs. 

Caterpillar designs and manufactures a vast selection of machinery for mining and construction operations. From wheel loaders and dump trucks to bulldozers and more, their machines are known for durability, performance, and flexibility. 

A Global Leader

CAT is a global provider with a vast distribution network. This provides clients with easier access to parts, services, and support no matter their location. The company’s network enhances the availability of parts, making them widely available on the secondary market. 

Caterpillar continually invests in technological improvements, integrating telemetrics and analytics into machinery. This integration allows operations to take advantage of remote monitoring, improved maintenance, and optimized performance. 

CAT is committed to innovation and quality, offering a higher level of customer support. All of this cements them as a leader in the industry. 


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